martes, 5 de abril de 2011

+Smoke gets in your eyes+

We made this around one month ago.
Thanks to the Tabacalera in Madrid for let us the place for filming.
Here some pics during the session of my sweet Paula Hidalgo and my lovely Marta
I still need more pics of the other models, and thanks to all of them,
they were great!
the video isn't in a good quality here, i will try to make it better.


Dirección y edición: David Ortiz
Dirección de fotografía: David Portela
Ayudante de dirección: David Zaragoza
Realización y estilismo: Clara Santos
Maquillaje: Vicente Oviedo
Modelos: Ria Ree, Penélope Heilmann, Paula Hidalgo, Marta Michavila, Casandra Chavida.

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